Top 8 Health Benefits of Yoga

The practice of yoga has been around for decades, while yoga practitioners promoted its health benefits and beneficial impact over the mind and body with passion.

Anyhow, a yogi`s practice is different for each individual, depending on what they prefer: going to a studio to do yoga, practicing at home or in nature.
But what remains the same for every yogi is the fact that there is a bundle of health benefits of yoga that can be achieved through regular practice.

Hence, if you are curious about the main benefits of yoga for body, mind, and spirit, here are the most enticing ones:

1. Emotional Health Improvement

There are several studies that reveal the fact that practicing yoga regularly proves to be helpful for people suffering from depression and anxiety.

Moreover, due to the emotional health improvement derived from yoga, better sleep patterns are observed at those that practice yoga. Specialists say this happens because mindfulness through yoga boosts serotonin levels, basically making us happier.

2. Treating insomnia

Following the idea above, yoga is an efficient approach in dealing with insomnia. Learning how to relax and focusing on breath, turns out to be very helpful for does that struggle with insomnia.

3. Aiding Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Multiple sclerosis leads to loss of muscle function or coordination, which can end up being a burden hard to carry for MS patients. It is said that yoga might aid in dealing with multiple sclerosis because it boosts both physical abilities and mood.

Furthermore, a couple of studies showed that six months of weekly yoga diminished fatigue and coordination problems on all the MS patients involved in the studies.

4. Diminishing stress levels

Yoga reduces stress as the practice is meant to learn how to calm down, relax and reconnect with your inner self. Thus, if you want to feel less stress, enrol in a weekly routine and start doing yoga. You will be amazed how different and less stressed you will feel!

5. Boosting concentration and brain functionality

Yoga has a beneficial impact on the brain and nervous system due to the mind-body awareness that is reached through meditation. By diminishing stress levels, your brain is able to have more organized thoughts, while the overall cognitive function is noticeably improved.

6. Boosting cardiovascular health

A major benefit of yoga is improved heart health. This happens because yoga is great in reducing stress, boosting serotonin and stimulating the production of oxytocin, all of which promote a better cardiovascular functionality.

What is even more interesting is the fact that yoga has an important role in diminishing risks of heart disease due to regular practice and better use of breathing techniques.

7. Injury protection and flexibility improvement

Different yoga poses boost flexibility and teach the body how to protect itself against injuries. Also, stretching muscles on regular basis, prevents the body from injuries, while where it is the case, it aids it in the recovery process from an accident.

8. Yoga and coping

Whether you are struggling to go through a grieving process or you simply face a mental issue such as anxiety, yoga turns out to be a great adjuvant. Specialists say that yoga is a healthy coping strategy for those that have to face loss or trauma.

This being said, yoga has a multitude of benefits for our body, mind and spirit, that go beyond the 8 beneficial aspects we mentioned above. Regular practice and relaxation will help you in getting a healthier lifestyle.