fruits for losing weight

Top 5 Fruits for Losing Weight

Why is it important to eat fruit? 

Fruits are a source of many essential vitamins, dietary fiber, potassium, and folic acid. They are generally low in calories, sodium, and high in fibers, which may help you lose weight.

Eating fruits not just help you with weight loss, it also helps prevent high blood pressure, cancer heart disorders, and diabetes. Keep in mind that it’s best to eat fruits whole rather than juiced.

not all fruits are created equal, some of them provide unique health benefits. Here are 5 of the best fruits to eat to lose weight.


One apple a day keeps the doctor away

Apples are one of the best fruits low in calories, they are rich in vitamins, filling fiber, minerals, and antioxidants.  (A medium-sized apple calorie is 72, and 3 g fiber). Thanks to the filling fibers you may eat less food during the day after eating apples. 


best fruits for losing weight

Watermelon is one of the best fruits to eat if you are trying to lose weight. It’s low in calories (100-gram serving contain only 30 calories) with high water content (about 92 percent water). Consuming fruits high in water content as a snack will help you feel full and keep you hydrated so you won’t need to eat more food after eating them.

If you’re looking to lower your daily calorie intake, try to incorporate watermelon into your diet, it’s a very effective way to lose weight.


Bananas are a low-calorie and nutrient-dense fruit. They are rich in fiber (A medium banana will provide about 10-12% of your daily fiber needs). Fibers in bananas give you the feeling of satiety which keeps you feeling full and eat less food after eating them, and of course, this leads to weight loss.

The potassium in bananas helps to reduce water retention which aids with weight loss.


Not only are berries incredibly delicious, but they are also a fresh and healthy addition to a weight-loss diet plan. One cup of each berry has less than 84 calories packed with vitamins, fiber and cholesterol-free.

The small fruit is a great source of fiber which has the power to fill you up and keep you full without consuming more calories. Making berries a part of your diet plan is a smart choice for weight loss and maintenance.

studies suggest that when berries are combined with a low-fat diet they may regulate fat-burning and storage, helping reduce abdominal fat and lower cholesterol and improve blood sugar levels.


top 5 fruits for losing weight

Eating foods high in fiber can be helpful to lose weight because they help keep you feeling full after eating them.

Kiwis are a good source of fiber, a medium sized kiwi provides you with 4 grams of fiber and 40 calories.

Kiwifruit contains calcium, which reduces the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is a direct signal for belly fats to store more fat, reducing it will help with belly fat loss.