5 types of diets for weight loss

5 Different Types of Diets Explained

As you probably already know, there are bundles of weight loss diets available at one click away. Some promote diminishing your appetite, while others completely remove fats from your diet. Anyhow, the truth is that every person has its own needs, which is why diets have distinct results on people.

Before you choose a diet plan, here is a list with the most popular weight loss diets that proved to be helpful.

1. The ketogenic diet

One of the most famous diets worldwide is the keto diet. Simply put: it refers to the idea that you eat more calories from protein and fat and less from carbohydrates. Also, you are not allowed to eat foods that are easy to digest such as sugar, sodas or pastries.

Usually, the ketogenic diet is used for weight loss, but it proved to be helpful in dealing with various health conditions such as brain or heart diseases.

The major benefit of keto diet is the fact that it allows you to lose more weight in the first 3 to 6 months than it is the case for other diets. This might happen because of the fact that the body learns how to properly use fuel sources in your body.

2. The vegetarian diet

Considered one of the most complex forms of diets, the vegetarian meal plan is closely related to the type of vegetarian diet a person opts for. So, lacto-vegetarian diets remove meat, fish, poultry, eggs or dairy products from the meal plan.

An ovo-vegetarian diet removes meat, fish or poultry, but permits the usage of eggs in dishes. A lacto-ovo vegetarian allows dairy products or eggs, while excluding meat related dishes.

A pescatarian diet removes all sorts of meat, dairy products, eggs, but permits fish. A vegan diet focuses only on vegetables and fruits, excluding meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy or foods that feature these products as their ingredients.

In the majority of cases, a vegetarian diet leads to weight loss due to the fact that is rich in fibres and promotes a healthy eating plan for which you should not skip any important meal of the day.

3. The Vegan Diet

As you probably already know, the vegan diet prohibits all animal products due to ethical, environmental or health considerations. This is the strictest form of a vegetarian diet.

A vegan diet proved to be extremely helpful in helping people lose weight because of its extremely low-fat dishes combined with high fibre foods.

In addition to weight loss, a vegan diet reduces the body mass index in a more effective way than other diets.

4. The Mediterranean diet

Considered the best diet for promoting a healthy heart, the Mediterranean diet is made out of a healthy plan starting from typical foods and recipes derived from the Mediterranean-style cooking.

Regularly, it includes all sorts of fruits, vegetables, lots of fish or whole grains, the trick laying in how you combine those foods for your meal.

The Mediterranean diet is a weight loss solution that combines both healthy habits and daily exercise.

5. The Paleo Diet

An interesting approach in the diet world is the Paleo meal plan, that encourages you to eat the same aliments your ancestors did before the appearance of agriculture.

So, in a Paleo diet, you will find whole foods, vegetables, fruits, and nuts or seeds, while processed foods or sugar are forbidden.

The multitude of studies support the effectiveness of the Paleo diet in regards to weight loss because of the low intake of carbs, along with fewer calories per day.

This being said, we cannot affirm that there exists a perfect weight loss diet. Diets function distinctly on different people, which is why you should opt for the diet that suits best both your lifestyle and taste buds.